Nibbled to Death

Sugar & Ice bakes, flips and twirls each waffle cone then serves them fresh, hot and made-to-order.

The whirl of the waffle. The history of the ice cream cone is a long one and nobody can be exactly sure of its’ origins. However, we can be sure that one of the very first cones was served in Düsseldorf, Germany during the late 1800's. Italy, England, France, and the United States were also in on the ice cream cone revolution. More than one hundred years and countless numbers of tasteless cones, Uli decided to draw the line. In 2005 she set out to bake the most delicious and classic of wafers to compliment her scoops. 

Today Sugar & Ice continues to bake, flip and twirl waffle cones and bowls. Those that order, see the waffle cone made right in front of their eyes. Each waffle cone is fresh, hot and made-to-order. Made from scratch with pure ingredients: flour, sugar, milk,  pure vanilla extract (and a few wholesome, yet secret ingredients ;-). They are the perfect compliment to Sugar & Ice homemade ice cream. It's the simple things in life that give an immense pleasure and here the smell of the waffle cone is the very beginning. 


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