Our Famous Oatmeal Cookies

New England's Best Oatmeal Cookies
It's the time of the year that everyone is looking for the oatiest of oatmeal cookies. These are scandalously good, seriously, scandalous. Do you know why? They are one of the best cookies that we have ever bit into. Made with thick organic rolled oats, deep dark brown sugar, the very best dark chocolate and some juicy raisins that tie it all together. Oatmeal Cookies three ways: 

  • Oatmeal Cookie & Spiced Chaga: Well they fit together perfectly with anything, really, but the Spiced Chaga is an excellent way to leave your body and soul in the very best state and ready to rock the day. 
  • Shattered Oatmeal Cookie Sundae: A sweet, gooey, butterscotch-y sundae made with a handsome scoop of Madagascar Vanilla, shattered oatmeal cookie, deep golden butterscotch, roasted walnuts and a dollap of hand whipped cream. 
  • Pecan Pie with a Spiced Oatmeal Cookie Crust: Take home 5 cookies, place them in a blender and add 1/2 cup of melted butter and one egg. Mix together throughly and then go about your pie recipe - we love this crust with a good pecan pie. 


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