French Brunch in Exeter

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Apple Crepes

We bake crêpes from scratch every day, even the rare and traditional gluten-free sort.

Over the years on return trips to Bretagne, a region on the Atlantic coast of France, our family has often searched for the perfect crêpes. Asking for them many times, mostly to receive the crêpes of today that hardly deliver the impressive and crispy delight that we all remember. My daughter now lives in France with her fiancee, Gwenael, which meant that we could access the proper crêpes tools, compare the terroir and set out to create the quintessential crêpes in our very own kitchen. 

Now equipped with a true Bretonne that really knows how to fry up a crêpe, we got straight to work. We went through pounds and pounds of various types of flours ground at different textures, befriended the farmer while picking up farm fresh eggs, bags of sugar, endless streams of milk and countless sticks of butter before reaching our goal.

It’s not as easy as whipping up a recipe and calling it a day. The terroir or “special characteristics of that geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with the plant’s genetics and expressed in agricultural products such as wheat” as well the texture of the flour differs greatly between France and the United States. Tasting all manners of flours before nailing down exactly which ingredients we should use allowed us to create a recipe that brings our ingredients and customers in the closest possible contact.

Finally we worked out two tantalizing recipes; the first crêpes is based with regular flour traditionally used for sweet options and the second is gluten-free buckwheat crêpes (named galettes in France) traditionally used for the savory variety.

Our twist, we love the buckwheat version with everything from nutella, butter and sugar with a squeeze of lemon, to ham and melted cheese. It is a hearty, healthy option that pairs well with sweet and savory.

Our family would often make a late Sunday breakfast out of a regional specialty; today we invite the New Hampshire seacoast to our French Brunch at Sugar & Ice 2 on weekends.

(P.S. Crêpes are available each day throughout the week.)

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